Privacy Policy

  1. ALAN Systems Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp. k. (located in Poland, Rybnik, ul. Obwiednia Południowa 22, registered: KRS/EDG: 0000407790, NIP/EU-VAT: PL 642-317-87-83, REGON: 242833764, - mentioned later as "ALAN Systems) is Data Administrator of all Personal Data being processed by
  2. processes Personal Data of Users, who are parents and legal guardians of children whose data is being processed by related system_ ATMS Kids_ (dedicated to kindergartens, schools and other organisations that have signed contract with ALAN Systems)
  3. Users' Personal Data being collected:
    • During registration process:
      • Regular registration: name, email address (as login), password and optionally phone number
      • Facebook registration: name, FB ID, email address
      • Google registration: name, Google ID, email addres
    • Automatically (because of technical reasons, to provide proper quality of service), during regular use of IP address, browser type
    • Other, explicitly given/written by User
  4. During registration process, User is informed and agrees that his Personal Data is being processed by ALAN Systems.
  5. For some features, User can be optionally asked to provide more data (for instance phone number) and to agree on particular usage of this data by these features of (like notifications or newsletters).
  6. User of can connect his account with account of his child in ATMS Kids by providing child identification number and number of card (RF ID or other) related to such account. This operation is authorized by kindergarten, school or other organisation who acts here as Data Administrator for personal data of child.
  7. ALAN Systems as Data Administrator and Operator *of * can use personal data od users only in the way users agreed (as mentioned above).
  8. ALAN Systems *does not provide Users' Personal Data processed by * to other parties except providing this data to kindergartens, schools and other organisations that have signed contract with ALAN Systems and acts as Data Administrator for children whose data are connected to user (parent or legal guardian of child).
  9. ALAN Systems is entitled to disclosure users personal data to complement authorities only in situations specified by generally applicable law
  10. All data collected by ALAN Systems are processed in accordance with generally applicable law.
  11. The user has the right to view, modify and delete his personal data. The above is possible by updating the data in the "Profile Settings" tab, deleting the Profile or by contacting ALAN Systems at the email address: